Popular Spa Treatments

There are many spas across the United States that offer relaxation to their guests. The spa experience can be made better by taking advantage of every service they have available. Each spa has its own mix of products and treatments that can be used to rejuvenate your body. If you are ready to feel relaxed, here are some of the most popular treatments that you should try for ultimate relaxation.


In aromatherapy, herbs and smells are used to accomplish different results. The most common result is relaxation and peace of mind. Oils like lavender and peppermint each have their own benefits for the body. Oils can be blended together and used on the body to help alleviate unpleasant symptoms associated with different health conditions throughout the body.

Thai Massage

This type of massage was developed by Buddhist monks more than 2,000 years ago in Thailand. It uses gentle pressure along with passive stretching along energy lines throughout the body. This type of massage has been known to relieve tension in the muscles and joints, increased flexibility, and help balance the body’s energy flow.


different types of facialsBeauty Spa Sugar Land

Facials are another popular treatment available in most spas. There are several different types of facials, each with their own effect. However, each facial has the same steps involved in them. Your face will first be cleansed and then exfoliated. Then toxins and bacteria will be extracted from your pores and your face will be massaged. A mask will then be applied to moisturize your skin.

Body Scrub

A body scrub involves using an exfoliant, such as a sugar scrub from Beauty Spa Sugar Land, to get rid of dead skin and allow fresh skin to be exposed. Body scrubs are showered off the body once the treatment is completed. Lotion is then applied to the body so that the skin can be properly moisturized.

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment is commonly found on the menu at most spas. These massages involve using smooth, rounded stones that have been soaked in hot water. These stones retain heat well and are used to warm up the muscles. These stones are used by your massage therapist as if they are an extension of their own hand. They may place them on several parts of your body including the stomach, hands, and back. This is a wonderful experience that not every massage therapist can achieve.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is painless and very relaxing. It is an increasingly popular treatment that has multiple benefits on skin. It can be used to treat mild or moderate acne as well as to stimulate collagen. LED lights send low-level energy into deep layers of skin to minimize wrinkles in the skin and fine lines. Sun-damaged skin can also benefit from light therapy applied to the skin.

The next time you want to relax, look for a spa in Sugar Land that has several of these treatments. Take your relaxation to a whole other level with these specialized spa treatments.