How to Maximize Your Wardrobe

You probably have clothes in your closet that still have a price tag on them. What’s the point in buying clothes if they’re going to end up sitting in the back of the closet? Expand and maximize your wardrobe with these closet tricks.

Follow a first in, last out method with clothes. This is a good way to avoid wearing clothes over and over again. After wearing an outfit, hang it in the back of your closet. You will get to see other items of clothing that you have not worn recently, expanding your usual wardrobe options. If you organize clothing by its type, such as pants alongside pants and shirts near shirts, you can try hanging each item of clothing inside out after it has been worn.

Use the rainbow as inspiration. This is a good technique to ensure there is color in your wardrobe. Each day of the week, choose a color to include in your outfit. This will force you to look through your closet and wear things you might normally skip over. Make use of your entire wardrobe by using the rainbow as your outfit guide.

Style a personal uniform to base your everyday style on. You don’t have to make a unique outfit each and every day of the week. Look at the typical clothes you wear and keep multiple versions of your go-to shirts, pants, and shoes. You can use custom jewelry fort lauderdale fl style and make your look unique and fresh each day.

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Add some flair to your style by using items in your closet that are not often worn. Using the rainbow as a style tool and picking a go-to everyday style can also improve your wardrobe and make your style shine the way you want it to.